raglan beach ning
raglan beach ning




My first camera was a Zenith EM, I was 11 years old. It was a great introduction in how not to take photographs with an unreliable selenium light meter and a leaky back. 

The intervening years have seen Bronica, Mamiya, Olympus and Pentax film camera equipment interwoven with Nikon digital FX DSLR and PhaseOne medium format digital back.

Although the output is all digital now, the darkroom is patiently biding its time...

'The individual situation of an object is usually viewed in isolation, either recorded in situ or as abstract via the studio or a staged artifice, but the question should be asked; 'how did it get here? and who placed it?' 

the portfolio images here and on the following pages are a selection of industrial, environmental, man made artefact, contemporary art and machinery taken in the studio, on location and in gallery spaces. Formats include: 35mm and medium format film/digital back and 35mm full frame DSLR.  


The subjects say something more than just; 'hey i'm a relic of a redundant machine...' or 'I'm a reminder of a bygone age of glory'...